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HFC Research Associates is a social, economic, opinion poll and marketing research firm registered in Angola in the year 2006, though its key personnel have more than 15 years working experience in the research industry.   
 Aside of HFC Research Associates’s local presence, it also has a working relationship with experienced professionals with a very extensive practical knowhow in the area of research consultancy.   
  HFC Research Associates’s main approach is to employ data collection and analysis to help businesses and organisations fashion out evidence-based policies and take realistic management decisions.  
  HFC Research Associates’s management team has been working in the industry in Angola for over 15 years. We have executed many research projects and have acquired first-hand experience in the application of modern survey techniques.   Our primary objective is to provide the most reliable, accurate and valuable in-depth information that provides green opportunities for our numerous clients.   
  HFC Research Associates is capable of managing data collection, processing and analysis of any magnitude and in any format in both Qualitative and Quantitative studies. Adoption of innovative technologies is of great importance, so as to improve on client satisfaction through real-time delivery on timelines.

Our Company   

  HFC Research Associates is a social, economic and opinion poll and marketing research company based in Angola. It has Henriques Cabula as its Managing Director.   
 HFC Research Associates’ personnel have more than fifteen years of experience in many areas of research; capable of managing data collection of any magnitude; collecting, analysing and reporting on data collected to provide empirical insights into markets, social and economic dynamics.   Our field operations have scores of multi-lingual interviewers, managed by qualified team leaders with more than 15 years of experience of working in the industry. Well-resourced and experienced Supervisors and Quality Controllers ably support teams.   With the revolutionary trends in electronic mode of data collection with software applications, the skills of our data processing staff are sharpened to be abreast with technological innovations – they constitute a well-experienced staff with proven record of accomplishment on many and diverse research projects.   HFC Research Associates has also established cooperation with a number of professional research organizations and consultants in many countries to enhance its research capabilities.   

  Our Expertise & Procedures   
  • HFC Research Associates offers efficient Qualitative and Quantitative research techniques in the following areas: 
  • Usage and Attitudes Studies (U & A),   
  • Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs (KAB), 
  • Continuous/Tracking Studies, 
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), 
  • Concept Development/Product Testing, ·        
  • Customer Satisfaction Studies/Mystery Shopping, ·        
  • Brand Image/Health Studies, ·       
  • Pre & Post Launch Studies, ·       
  • Price Sensitivity Studies, ·        
  • Corporate Image Studies, ·        
  • Advertising/Concepts Testing, ·        
  • Retail Audits/Distribution Studies, ·        
  • Public Opinion Polling.